Kerry McQueen



I was born in Southern California and was raised in Monrovia, California.  In 2000 I graduated from Monrovia High School.  I am blessed with a beautiful family.  I also own a rockabilly online store called Bombshell Bettie and Greaser Clothing Company  I have a passion for photography and in the past I've done many gigs for free and now I get paid for doing what I love.  I shoot with a Canon 6D and Canon 50D.  My favorite things about photography are capturing moments and having the ability to freeze time.  I love candid photos the most and it's what I enjoy shooting the most.  I love black and white photos and miss being in a dark room, but I've adapted to this fast paced digital world. I'll end this bio with a favorite quote of mine...

"If you see someone without a smile... Give them yours!"

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